About The Club Next Door

The Club Next Door is an extension of our existing child care facilities next door at The Enrichment Center. Our 40+ years of experience in child care/education have taught us, that once children approach the age of 10, they typically like to have their own space. Furthermore, they don’t want to be in a “daycare” setting. As a result, we purchased and renovated an existing building that sits on one acre of land and created The Club Next Door.

The Club is designed and licensed to be used by “pre-teens”, exclusively. Our goal is to provide 9 to 12 year old children a great place to hang-out after school and during holiday breaks. It’s also a great place to spend time during summer break. What’s perfect is that The Club is right across the street from North Royalton Middle School. So, when the last bell rings at school, the kids are met by a staff member and walked over to The Club.

When the kids arrive at The Club they enjoy a snack and some time relaxing with friends, play some WII, work on a craft or perhaps finish some homework. We also make a point to get outside to burn off some energy. Our new 45’ X 75’ multi-purpose sport court is a perfect venue for physical activities. 

Please stop by and see The Club in person, it’s a great place!

We plan to have organized youth basketball, volleyball, and soccer activities/leagues.  Maybe some activities for parents too so please let us know if your kids would be interested in this program. 

Pricing for Before and After School Sessions.

$105.00 per week for Before AND After School (10 sessions)

$55.00 per week for Before OR After School  (5 sessions)

$12.00 per session with a 2 session minimum.